Tips for better Travel Photography

by Vivek Doshi
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Airport - Travel Photography tips

Travel photography can be a tremendously fun genre, but it comes with its own unique challenges, particularly with regards to time pressure and the need to be able to familiarize yourself with an environment and produce good images efficiently. Following Travel Photography tips will help you with it.

It's about Location

Do your research about the place. Find the interesting places. Integrate the story you want to tell with location. Be prepared for weather, local restriction and permission required.

Sharpen range of Skills

Travel photography require array of skills. Portrait, Landscape, Street photography and Post production,  sharpen them. If you are not good at any work on them. 

Range in photos

Try and get range of pictures / colors / emotions and scales. Capture different color palettes try all red, blue. Get tight shots of face, capture actions and quietness. 

Think of end product

Always keep the end product in mind while shooting. If you are shooting for a publication, for vertical shoots keep some space on top for logo.  Never keep your subject in center specially if its going to be used as a double page image. Always get variations of picture some vertical / horizontals and variations in framing. If you are shooting for insta get your 16:9. 

Go back to exact location

Going back to location is extremely important. Try different time of the day, different weather. The light will change with weather and time. You might get the cover shot . Go back and try to make it better.

Travel photography is all about expression and emotions. Hope you find this travel photography  tips useful.

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