Tips to make a Travel Video

by Vivek Doshi
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Travel video is all about telling a story. Below are some tips to take your travel video to next level.

Understand your Equipment

Understand focal length, wide angle vs Telephoto. Longer lens brings subject closer to background for example mountain / waterfall look bigger. Wide angles lens are complete opposite. If you are using cameras like GoPro they are wide angle. One benefit with GoPro or similar action camera is that they can be used underwater giving you an extra dimension to your videos.

Slow Mo vs Fast motion

Slow motion / Fast motion are very lucrative, but only be used if it emphasize the story. Make a Gradual up / down, like X1->X2->X4->X2->X1. This make video more natural and smooth. If you don’t have camera which has Slow Mo, don’t worry best stories are told at 24 frames.

Change your Angles

This is more for beginners, tend to shoot at eye level. Try different angles, go low get above, go an extra length to get the scare factor / excitement. 

Music is Everything

Music makes all the difference. Choose the music which compliments to the scene. For example EDM for a beach video doesn’t match until unless that is desired effect. Music has emotions use that for scenes climax. Make the video around the music.

Stabilize your Footage

Shaky footage doesn’t look nice. There are 2 ways to stabilize the footage, software and hardware. Software stabilizing doesn’t always give consistent results. Getting stabilize footage inside camera will bring great results. A better option is to use a gimbal. Gimbals are game changer. If you don’t have gimbal use your camera strap, extend the strap and then take video, it will give you a stabilize footage (not as much as Gimbal). 

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