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by Vivek Doshi
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Easy steps to update your vaccine certificate through CoWin.International travel will be a little less stressful now, with the newest update to the vaccine certificate. The newly rolled out International Travel Certificate, available through the CoWin platform, will show the full date of birth—a detail that many countries and some airlines have been insisting on for quarantine-free travel. Most importantly, the certificate will be compliant with the WHO’s digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates vaccination status data dictionary.

Along with the date of birth and passport details, the International Travel Certificate will also specify the name of the vaccine, its type, manufacturer, number and dates of doses in the year, month and date, dose batch numbers and will mention that the certificate is compliant with WHO-DDCC:VS data dictionary.

How to get the International Travel Certificate on CoWin

Here are the steps:

  • Once you have logged into the CoWIN portal with your registered number, click on the ‘International Travel Certificate’ option on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Enter your passport number and date of birth and hit submit.
  • You can then check the updated travel certificate and download it.
cowin-international-travel-certificate - Lenstravelier

How to add passport number to vaccination certificate

  • Login to the CoWIN website.
  • Click on the “Raise an Issue” button.
  • Under the drop down that appears, click on the “Add Passport Details” option.
  • Then, add the relevant details, including the name and passport number.
  • Hit Submit and you should get a confirmation message.
  • Then download the certificate again. Your passport number should now reflect in the new certificate. All this is meant to happen almost instantly. But it can take up to a few hours.

In case there is a discrepancy between the name on the certificate and on your passport, you can request for a correction as well. This option appears in the same drop down menu when you click the “Raise an Issue” button. But be careful: you can add your passport details and update your name only once. So make sure there are no mistakes.

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