Indroda Nature Park (Dinosaur and Fossil park)

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Dinosaur and Fossil Park - Indroda Nature park Gandhinagar

Indroda Nature Park also known as Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park,  in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, is a park that houses fossilized remains and petrified eggs of dinosaurs. It is a man-made fossil park and not the actual nesting grounds where the dinosaurs lived. The eggs and fossils on display here are from the world’s 3rd-largest dinosaur fossil excavation site and 2nd-largest hatchery at Raiyoli, Balasinor, Gujarat. The Park was set up by the Geological Survey of India and is the only dinosaur museum in the country.


The large nature park has a lot to offer for every age drop. Below are the major attraction.

  • Dinosaur Fossil Park
  • Blues Whale Carcass
  • Zoo


Indroda nature park has free wildlife and captive wildlife. Langurs, deer, peacock, nilgai and native species of birds are some which are not held captive. The Zoo has all the captive animals and birds. The star attractions are leopard, a pair of lion and a white Tiger. Apart from this Indroda nature park offers exotic birds, snakes (native), crocodiles and pythons.  

Indroda Nature is paradise for bird watchers. Massive park is home to Indian silverbill, Bee-eater, common kingfisher, Collared-Dove, Asian Koel, Coot, Large-billed Crow, Red-vented Bulbul, Myna, Oriental Magpie-Robin, green footed pigeons and other native birds.  You are allowed to photograph this magnificent wildlife  without any extra charges. 

Leopard - Indorda Nature Park
Eagle - Indroda Nature Park
Snake - Indroda Nature Park

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