Home Photography Ideas (Quarantine)

by Vivek Doshi
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Since the Covid-19 virus became a global pandemic, most governments have declared a lockdown to ensure people’s safety. This lockdown means a lot of people are restricted from going to public places, thereby leaving them with no option than to stay at home. The chances are high that you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go. Below are some home photography ideas to practice.

Macro photography has definitely become a very broad genre of the art form, thanks to the ability of today’s cameras—from smartphones to professional DSLRs/Mirrorless.
You can find many subjects in home. From Vegetables to fruits to forks. Some of the easy to find subject are thin slice of lemon or any fruit. Flowers are great subject for macro photography. Drop some mist on flower to extenuate.
More challenging subject is  Soap bubble. A bit more complex lighting is required to achieve. Use Extension tubes to get closer to the bubble. Read Tips for Macro photography for more details.

Soap Bubble - Macro photography
Rose - Macro photography - Home photography idea

Splash Photography

Splash photography is a technique that can add a certain degree of professionalism to your portfolio. Yes it requires some patience and practice, but the most basic of splash shots can be achieved with little more than your camera, a speedlite and some diffusion material.  Start with 1/200s (Max flash sync) and f8.0  with ISO 100-200. Try and synchronize the fall with shutter click. The setup is simple use the flash light from either behind using white background or from sides for  darker background. Bump up the ISO for darker images. Make sure not to use speedlite above 1/4 of its power to freeze the motion.

Water Splash - Home photography idea

Sunsets / Sunrise  are unpredictable and fleeting, but for a few, that’s where the magic lies. It doesn’t requires you go to exotic places to get a good photograph. Terrace is a good starting point and the best option during lockdowns. 
Use apps like  PhotoPills or The Photographer’s Ephemeris to track the path of the Sun and plan the accordingly. 
Golden hour is not the only time to shoot, hang in there till the blue hour. Play with color and try to incorporate reflections. Use any shinny surface if there is no natural reflection. Read the Sunset Photography Guide for more details.

Sunset - Sunet photography - Home photography idea
Sunset - Sunet photography

The advantage of backyard wildlife photography is that you can follow the same animals year after year, learning their behaviors and becoming ambassadors for their conservation. You can photograph them anytime, day or night, summer or winter, and you never run out of opportunities. If you miss a moment, you can try again the next day.
First step is to tailor your garden to the wildlife you want to photograph. For example, you can plant trees for shade or purchase native plants, trees, and shrubs to attract specific animals or insects. Many birds enjoy shallow birdbaths or small ponds. Keep your camera always handy, you never know when you will need it. Keep your distance from the wildlife and be patient. Use the longest telephoto lens you have.  Read Tips for capturing wildlife photos in your own backyard for more details.

Shikara Bird - Wildlife photography - Home photography idea
Sunbird - Wildlife photography - Home photography idea

Other Home Photography Ideas

  • Portrait, Natural light using a wide window
  • Composite Photography,  mix and match different scaled photos. For example a macro photo with landscape photo.
  • Google earth photography, travel the world without leaving your home.

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