Hacks and DIY in photography

by Vivek Doshi
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The Photography gears are often costly, so are the lighting systems. Below are some DIY (hacks) to get you stared. DIY in photography sometimes is very important especially when very specific results are required. They are aren’t perfect and as reliable but it will get the job done.

DIY Flash Modifier for Macro photography

Marco photography mostly requires external light source to lit the subject. Bare Bulb might create harsh light for the subject and has more spill. Softbox will have larger spill given the scale of the subject. You can control the spill with a simple make shift DIY modifier using few easy to get items.

  • Pringles Chips Tin / Something Similar
  • Cutter

Make a cut at the bottom of the tin with respect to flash head size and the modifier is ready. You can use the top cap to soften the light. Ring lights are best for the purpose but this modifier will do the job.

Flash Photography - DIY
Flash Modifier - DIY

DIY Snoot

Making a snoot is pretty easy. All you need is a cardboard. Roll it up and use tapes to fix it. Cut the front opening to desire size. Although you won’t be able to control the harshness /softness of the light.  

DIY - Snoot

DIY Bokeh Filter

This DIY can be helpful in portrait photography, it helps you to create custom shape bokeh. Though it can’t be used in every scenario but it does add a creative touch. To make this, you will require a cardboard / thick paper and a cutter. Cut the cardboard in circular shape with respect lens size. In center make a small cut and keep the shape of your choice like a heart or a star and your DIY bokeh filter is ready.

Bokeh Filter - Diy Photography tips
DIY Photogaphy Tips

Make shift Macro lens

Dedicated Macro lens are pretty expensive. One way to get around is to use Extension tubes. Extension tubes are a bit more technical than it seems. To simply this you can use a lens reversing ring. This small device turns you lens into a macro lens, though you will loose the ability to auto focus.

Reverse Ring
Macro Lens

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