5 Places to visit in Gandhinagar

by Vivek Doshi
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Aksardham - Gandhinagar

Akshardham Temple

A large Hindu temple complex inspired by Yogiji Maharaj (1892-1971) the fourth spiritual successor of Swaminarayan, and created by Pramukh Swami Maharaj (1921-2016), the fifth spiritual successor of Swaminarayan according to the BAPS denomination of Swaminarayan Hinduism. Located in the capital of Gujarat, the complex was built over 13 years and is a tribute to Swaminarayan and his life and teachings. At the center of the 23-acre complex is the Akshardham mandir, which is built from 6,000 metric tons of pink sandstone from Rajasthan. The complex’s name refers to the divine abode of Swaminarayan in the BAPS philosophy. Following are the major attractions : 

  • Exhibition Halls
  • Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show
  • Premvati Restaurant 

Indroda Nature park

Dinosaur and Fossil Park - Indroda Nature park Gandhinagar

Indroda Nature Park also known as Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, is a park that houses fossilized remains and petrified eggs of dinosaurs. It is a man-made fossil park and not the actual nesting grounds where the dinosaurs lived. The eggs and fossils on display here are from the world’s 3rd-largest dinosaur fossil excavation site and 2nd-largest hatchery at Raiyoli, Balasinor, Gujarat. The Park was set up by the Geological Survey of India and is the only dinosaur museum in the country. Major attractions

  • Fossil Park
  • Zoo 
  • Blue whale carcass 

Punit Van

Louts flower - Punit Van Gandhinagar
Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

Punit Van is a botanical garden located in Sector 1. It was developed in 2005 by the forest department of the Government of Gujarat. The forest department has developed several acres of land where the planted trees have been associated with stars, planets and zodiac signs. Punit means holy and Van means forest in Gujarati. Thus, the garden has been called a holy forest. When it was founded, almost 3500 trees were planted in it, all with an astrological significance according to Hindu mythology. Star attractions

  • Botanical garden
  • Artificial fountain
  • Birds

Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj ki Vav - Gandhinagar

Also known as Rudabai Stepwell, considered a fine example of Indian architecture work. It was built in 1498 in the memory of Rana Veer Singh (the Vaghela dynasty of Dandai Des), by his wife Queen Rudadevi.

The structural system is typically Indian style with traditional trabeat with horizontal beams and lintels. At the bottom of the well is a square stepped floor in the shape of a funnel extending to the lowest plane. This is chiseled into a circular well. Above the square floor, columns, beams, wall and arched openings spiral around; a feature that continues to the top. The top part of the well, however, is a vertical space open to the sky. The four corners of the square are strengthened with stone beams, set at 45 degrees angle.

Mahatma Mandir - Gandhinagar

It is one of the biggest convention Centre of India spread over 34 acres. Government of Gujarat wanted to develop Mahatma Mandir as a place of unity and development. Sand was brought in urns by representatives of all 18,066 villages of Gujarat and emptied it in the foundation of the Mahatma Mandir. A time capsule was buried under Mahatma Mandir containing history of state in 2010 at the ground breaking ceremony. Not to miss

  • Dandi Kutir (Salt Mount) Museum
  • Central Vista Garden 
  • Suspension Bridge



Honorary mentions

There are some more attractions which are worth visiting.

  • Sarita Udhyan
  • Adalaj Trimandir
  • Children’s Park
  • Sant Sarovar Dam

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